Oral and Dental health care

The health care system ensures good health for the entire body, which includes oral and dental as well. Many different diseases and infections can be caused when an oral and dental health is not taken care of. This profession includes multiple health care professionals, which range from a normal dentist visit through to surgery.

oral health

A regular visit to your dentist is required to prevent most diseases. Doctors recommend a visit at least two times per annum, which most people ignore. Most patients would wait for some kind of warning sign before visiting the dentist, but little did they know that these warning signs could have been avoided with a regular visit to the dentist. If oral health is not kept up to standards, major issues can be presented at a rapid pace. Most think toothache, swelling gums or losing a tooth is as bad as it can be. However, not many know that bad oral health is also associated with the risk of heart disease or can show symptoms of many other life threatening conditions.

Warning signs

Tender areas or sore spots in the mouth could indicate multiple health problems. These problems can relate to the rest of the body as a sore in the mouth could simply be a symptom. Should a sore not heal within a week or two, it is possibly a symptom of diabetes. Additional symptoms can also include pain, jaw winning, numbness of the tongue, difficulty when swallowing and hoarseness.

Gum disease usually presents bleeding and swollen gums. The disease is presented when an insufficient bacterial amount in your mouth, which can cause bleeding and weakening of the gum area. Patients with gum disease are at risk of losing teeth at a rapid pace. This disease can also provide chronic bad breath, which is also related to cavities.

Bad breath can also be related to a number of different diseases. These diseases can be life threatening, which includes bad breath as one of the symptoms. Patients experiencing bad breath on a regular basis, which are not caused by food that has been consumed, a dentist or doctors visit may be required. Diabetic ketoacidosis, certain cancers, gastroesophageal reflux disease, kidney disease, liver disease, ozena and zenker’s disease can all be related to bad breath.

Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer develops in the tissue of the throat or mouth. Mostly this develops in the squamous cells, which are found in the tongue, lips and mouth. To survive this type of cancer, early detection is key. Types of for oral cancer include lips, cheeks, gums, floor of mouth, throat, sinuses, tongue, soft and hard palate. A regular visit to your dentist could prevent serious complications as the cancer will be detected at an early stage.

Many possible symptoms are presented with oral cancer. This includes a sore on your mouth or lip that doesn’t heal, bleeding, painful or difficulty swallowing, loose teeth, weight loss, numbness, white or red patches in the mouth and constant earache. Should more than one of these symptoms be presented at the same time, a visit to your dentist or doctor is well recommend.

The treatment for oral cancer ranges through many stages, which depends on the type of cancer and heart early it was detected. If detected early enough, surgery along with radiation or chemotherapy is used.