High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common condition, which affects 1 on 3 adults in the US. The condition can become part of one’s life in many different ways and could be a very serious problem. High blood pressure is widely known as the silent killer. The condition is known to present very little or no symptoms at all, which makes it difficult to keep track of an treat. Doctors will usually do blood pressure tests with a regular check up, which should occur ones at least every six months.

blood pressure

There are many ways to avoid blood pressure altogether or to treat it. This includes multiple different diets, exercise plants and medications, which are prescribed for patients with extremely high blood pressure. Normal healthy patients will have blood pressure of 120/80 or lower, which is considered normal. When the a higher number, which is called systolic blood, reaches 121 to 139 and the lower number appears between 81 to 89 a condition known as pre-hypertension, anything-this is known as hypertension, which could be life threatening.

Prevention or cure for high blood Pressure

Changing your lifestyle will be the easiest way to cure higher blood pressure when it can still be maintained. A strict diet plan and exercise will be required to achieve the best resorts. Many different habits will provide more control over your blood pressure, which include staying physically active, eating healthy, maintain a healthy weight, avoid excessive alcohol, limiting caffeine, consuming less salt and managing stress levels.

These goals can easily be reached when a friend or family member takes the challenge with you. Devices that can be used home to test blood pressure are available and required to keep track of progress.

Drugs for high blood Pressure

For many patients exercise and a healthy diet will do the trick. However, for others this may not work quickly enough, which will require additional medications to speed up the process. Medications can also be used by patients that are unable to stick to required diets. Some patients may require more than one type of medication depending on their condition and requirements. A wide variety of medications are available, which are used for different conditions.

Ongoing Care

During the process of lowering your blood pressure, regular doctor’s visits will be required. These visits will allow the doctor to keep track of your progress and adjust your plan if required.

A healthy diet and exercise plan should be continued even after blood pressure has returned to normal. This will ensure blood pressures stays regular, which could avoid many other diseases and conditions. Patients suffering with high blood pressure are required to begin exercise and a slower pace. Simply start by walking on a daily basis to increase fitness. Other exercise techniques such as yoga are also a great way to achieve the required exercises.

In some cases, normal lifestyle changes and medication are not effective, which is also why regular doctor’s visits are required. During these cases your doctor may recommend additional lifestyle changes and an increase in dosage of medication.

Blood pressure can also be caused as a side effect from other medications. This process may take longer as different tests are needed to determine the cause. Once the cause has been detected, alternative medications can be provided to reduce blood pressure back to normal.