Most of us experience headaches from time to time, which is usually caused by a stressful day or just being tired. However, some of us experience reoccurring headaches, which could mean much bigger problems, which relate to many different complications ranging from sleeping in a strange position through to life threatening situations.

Headache warning signs

Most common headaches will come and go without causing any problems. This even includes cluster headaches and migraines, which are considered chronic headaches. Reoccurring headaches may require treatment as most of the time they could occur for serious or life threatening reasons. Certain signs should be considered, which may present other diseases, which could be life threatening all on its own.


Thunderclap headaches are known to occur after a stroke, aneurysm or other injury. This headache will occur rapidly within 60 seconds and cause extreme pain. This can indicate bleeding in the brain. This type of headache can also present a concussion, which will be presented after injury to the head. This will require immediate medical attention. Headaches that present a stiff neck and a fever are common symptoms of encephalitis or meningitis. These are both infections cause within the brain or the membrane surrounding the brain. Both of these conditions are life threatening.

Migraines commonly present symptoms such as nausea with sensitivity to sound and light. These are not life threatening, but can be treated by a medical professional. Headaches, which are presented with nosebleeds, could be caused by many different things. This includes minor situations such as hay fever, irritation or a common cold. However, the same symptoms can be expected with carbon monoxide poisoning, chronic kidney disease, head trauma, high blood pressure or leukemia. With these symptoms occurring more than once or the bleeding does not stop after 20 minutes, a doctor’s visit is required as soon as possible.


Depending on the type of headache, there are certain ways they can be reduced or even avoided completely. Certain headaches such as cluster headaches cannot be completed avoided, but you will be able to reduce the affect they have on your life.

Medication is the most commonly used method of curing a headache. However, many people do not take medication as prescribed by a doctor or packaging. Taking medication too often or too much at once could cause a rebound headache, which will only get worse of more medication is taken. Medication need to be consumed when a headache begins, which will be most effective as well. Many migraines can be triggered by certain foods or drinks. Should you experience migraines, try keeping track of when they occur as these can be triggered for many different reasons.

A great way to avoid headaches or reduce them is with exercise. When you work out, your body releases endorphin’s, which are natural pain killers. However, start slowly and be sure to consume liquids while exercising as dehydration could cause headaches as well.

Another way for treating headaches, is musical therapy. You can use many musical instruments to meditate and get rid of headache. By playing zvongo hanging drum instrument you can relax your mind and meditate in forest or anywhere else in the nature, it helps for sure and that is another way to try get rid of headaches naturally.

Be sure to keep to a good eating plan. Many people simply forget to eat during the day due to busy schedules and not having time. This will cause loss of energy and difficulty to focus. These headaches will be gone within minutes as soon as you eat something. The same effect can be expected with not enough sleep, which will cause fatigue, a weakened immune system and increased stress.