Eating Disorders

Eating disorders is both a physical and mental illness, which is characterized with weight and food. In many cases this is a very serious condition, which involves both sexes. The illness becomes an obsession with weight and food, some people with this disorder would over eat or even eat secretly while other may eat very small portions or nothing at all.

People with this disorder are also known to obsess over their image and how much they weigh, which is where the illness starts in many cases and it goes on to become a health issue and the illness would drive the obsession too far.


It’s unknown what exactly causes an eating disorder. However, there have been studies that show an increase in these disorders. Most common causes include personal image, social and physiological as well and physical and generic factors. Many are also known to fall into the weakness of this illness when trying to fit in to social crows, low self-esteem, troubling relationships, anxiety and impulsive behavior. The illness has many levels and some may not even see that they have a problem before it has become a health risks.

Eating Disorders

These disorders have also been known to mostly take place during teen and early 20’s, are more likely to occur with female, but many male patients have also been reported, positive results from a diet could lead to a disorder to achieve better results. Emotional disorders can also play a massive affect, which includes depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety and a lot more likely to fall into the weaknesses of this illness.

Men can also fall into the factors involved with eating disorders. The most common cause among men is a condition called muscle dysmorphia, which involves the extreme desire to become more muscular. This involves the desire to build muscle and decrease the total body fat percentage. Woman are more likely to desire lean bodies, which usually involve extreme diets and not much working out, which is where disorders become rather serious.

How to Prevent an Eating Disorder

Many people would decide to diet, just on the internet and attempt the first diet they find and expect it to work within a week. A good diet requires research, commitment and support. It’s well worth a visit to your doctor who will provide guidelines to keep yourself safe. A dietician can also provide massive benefits and a carefully worked out eating plan will be worked out for you. Also, be sure to involved your friends as they can provide additional motivation and support when required. If you prefer to work out a plan for yourself, get educated. This is very important as you will need to research all the vitamins and requirements for your body, which needs to be included in your diet.

Motivation and a daily eating plan is also a big part of your diet. Make sure you don’t skip a meal and keep your positions according to your plan. Your body requires certain foods to feed muscle and keep you healthy. If you don’t eat correctly, chances are well that you will lose more muscle than fat, which will lead to a serious illness very soon. A diet has a massive effect on your energy levels, fitness, how soon you age and many other factors. So be sure you consider your entire body and future when working out a diet plan, if you are not sure what your body requires it will be best to visit a dietician or doctor to work out a careful plan.