Colds and Flu’s

Colds and flu’s are the most common illness around the world as it’s easily transmitted from person to person. Common colds and influenza (flu) are both airborne, which makes then easily spread through sneezes and coughs. These illnesses attack different parts of the body. Colds attack the upper respiratory system, which includes the sinuses and through. Flu;s are more serious and could be life threatening, as the lungs are affected as well.

How to tell the difference between colds and flu’s

It could be rather hard to tell the difference between the 2 at home. This is because they offer similar symptoms in the early stages. However, as it progresses symptoms will differ and if it is flu, it will be harder to fight once it has infected the body. Common colds are easy to catch any time of the year, which is why they are called common colds. A cold can be transmitted by a person touching a surface where a person with a cold has sneezed and then touching the nose or mouth.


These provide symptoms, which includes a scratchy throat, sneezing, cough, body aches, headaches, mild tiredness and a runny nose. Flu is usually only spread around during certain seasons. These are caught in the same manner as a common cold during these seasons. At first the flu will provide the same symptoms, but will become much more severe and include shaking chills, severe body aches, high fever and profound fatigue.

How to treat and prevent

Colds are easy to cure as simple over the counter medications will do the trick. Be sure to drink as many fluids as possible as it will ensure a speedy recovery. Colds are only contagious during the first 3 days. So stay home, relax and get better before interacting with people. Colds cannot be prevented, but there are ways to avoid them, which includes being hygienic and making sure you know who you are around. Avoid those who are sick and the surfaces they are around mostly. Disinfect your hands on a regular basis, especially before eating or drinking.

Flu can be treated in the same manner and colds most of the time. However, flu tends to last much longer of you only use the same methods as common colds. Visit your pharmacist to get antiviral drugs, which may shorten the process of getting better, but make sure you take these drugs within the first 2 days of feeling symptoms as they will not be effective afterwards.

If you have the flu, visit your doctor as soon as possible if you have any conditions involving chronic lung or heart, weakened immune systems due to steroid usage or HIV , if you are over the age of 50, pregnant, for children under the age of 2 or any other diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease. The flu can be prevented with a flu shot once a year from your doctor. Since flu season varies around the world, it would be better to find out from your doctor when the best time for a flu shot would be. Many people consider colds and flu’s to be minor and most of the time they are, but be sure to check keep healthy and visit your doctor when symptoms progress or last for more than just a few days.