Manitoba Health Care Works Receive Final Offer

Manitoba citizens working in the health care sector have finally received a final offer package from the provinces government. Thousands of health care works have been threatening to strike for the last five weeks if the government weren’t to provide them with a plan this year. These threats came after two years of not receiving any plan of any kind. These union based employee’s put their signs up & walked their cities on Monday January 25th, 2016. Hours later they received an hour, declined that offer and then a day later received another. They yet another declined that offer, it was then that the government gave them a final offer. These employees are said to accept it.


Three thousand employees are represented by the “Members of the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals”, which is a union which represents all health care employees. Those employees include physiotherapists, radiology technologists, MRI Technologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, CT Technologists, respiratory therapists, hospice care works, social works and dozens of other professions which are based in the health care profession.

There are many whom are bashing these health care works, citizens of Canada have seemed to be consistently bashing public service workers for their constant demands of receiving more money in their line of duty. These citizens defence would be that these employees are working a public service career, it is a job which is meant to be a service. Countries all around the globe understand this, it’s why their paid an average wage just like anyone else. Canada is one of the few countries which over-pays their public service workers & it’s causing for major deficits in the yearly budget for provinces.

Uber Drives Forward for 2016

Uber, one of the largest applications on mobile devices today and now one of the fastest growing companies around the world has announced that they are moving forward with big plans in the new year. The ambitious expansions which’ll be coming in the upcoming weeks will include carpooling, food delivery and even health care. If this was to become the case, then Uber would more than likely effect two other industries greatly.


Uber already has dominated over the taxi industry, sending shockwaves throughout this global industry via UberX which allows for users to connect to other users, request a drive from someone nearby for a fee that would be less than traditional cabs. The same would apply with food delivery, anyone would be able to request any kind of food to be delivered to their residence for a smaller fee then a regular delivery service which is roughly $10-$15.

Health care wise, Uber will only be allowing for those whom are registered paramedics via their country to operate in this sector of the company. They’ll also be required to have a variety of different medicine equipment with them in order to ensure the users safety. Users of this application will only be able to request a medical ride for a variety of conditions, anything serious such as a heart attack of seizure would still require an Medical Services Vehicle on location from the local hospital.

None the less these advances will allow Uber to continue to make themselves a branded and recognized name as a valuable service.

Canadian Health Care Needs to Change

The Canadian Health Care System is one that is flawed, unfortunately regardless of what Canadians or anyone else whom lives in a country with free health care thinks, these health care systems cost more than anyone could possibly imagine. A new article written by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, an institute which is rarely wrong has stated that unless changes to the system are made in the upcoming decades then health care will take up 100% of the total available provincial budgets.


Most Canadians believe that it is their right to have free health care, it is far from it. It is a privilege to have free health care but as time passes on, as our population throughout the world increases, free health care will be a system of the past. There are multiple ways in which the Canadian Government could rejuvenate revenue into the system.

One of the best ways would be for the government to create a toll which required Canadian citizens to pay only $1 each time when using the 400 Series. Yes, this could cost $5 a day for a small portion of the population but knowing its going entirely to the health care system should be more than enough of a reason to do so.

The amount of money that would be generated would be more than the health care system needs, Provinces would then be able to use their yearly budgets on other aspects which in return would rejuvenate the country as a whole. Most Canadian Citizens can’t see past their greed though.

Canada’s Health-Care Bill costing $219 Billion

Canada is often considered to be one of the best countries in the world. The reasoning for this is because they offer asylum to those in need, provide free health care, have programs to protect those less fortunate and their known to provide immigrants with a far superior life. Unfortunately by creating an increased population that also means that the health care bill will increase as well. This year it’s expected that country wide health care will cost a minimum of $219 Billion. This is a 1.6% increase from 2014.


It’s been known by Canadian Citizens for a long period of time that provinces must find a better way to handle health care costs and look ahead responsibly so that more of a deficit has to be placed onto Canada. Though this can prove to be hard to do as doctors, nurses and employees continue to ask for higher wages. Thanks to the liberal government now being in power those requests will more than likely now be answered in a positive way.

Apparently since the early 1980’s the cost of health care has more than doubled for the country of Canada. This money needs to be used elsewhere such as their decline in infrastructure, their roads and so much more. If Canadian’s would be able to accept a small fee per month than the money brought in through the current health care system could be used to make Canada for more superior in a variety of different avenues. Unfortunately Canadians will never accept this fact.

First Nation Health Becoming Canadian Crisis

The Regional First Nations Chief for Ontario Isadore Day has issued a statement calling for a “Call to Action” for all Canadians. This man states that Canada is unconscionable and deplorable to their first nation’s people & that because of that the first nation’s people don’t receive nearly the same equivalent health treatments that regular Canadians would receive.

Isadore Day

This is absolutely horrendous as these are the people who first inhabited this country, these are the ones who sacrificed it all in order to keep this country for themselves and still failed. This is thanks to the British & their overwhelming army for that time period. The statement issued reads as follows,

”Now is the time to destroy the decades of unjust cause by successive federal governments on providing the proper health services to first nation people. Every day, our children, adults and Elders are suffering from diseases that can easily be removed by modern day science,” said Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day. “This has been ignored by the Canadian Government as they wish to keep this quiet, their essentially killing our people and it needs to stop now. Once Canadians are provided the details and learn about the issues at hand, they will be embarrassed to know that this has gone on in their own backyard and will feel ashamed to have ever put that government into place.”

Obviously this first nation’s leader is hoping that this story will go viral, that it’ll allow for his people to receive much needed health care funding.

Canadian Healthcare Downgrading Throughout Country

Canadian Healthcare is continue to downgrade throughout the country. Often whenever someone speaks of free healthcare Canada is the first country brought to mind, everyone believes their healthcare system works the best such as presidential candidate Donald Trump. Unfortunately this is far from the case, the Canadian Healthcare system is one of the most expect amongst the OECD Countries while at the same time having modest healthcare provided to citizens.

canadian healthcare

This is becoming a major issue throughout Canada as taxes within the country are at an all-time high yet when going to an emergency room it takes eight or more hours to see a doctor or when driving down the street pot holes lie every fifty feet ahead of you. This is an issue that continues to drive Canadian Citizens up the wall, so much so that Prime Minster Stephen Harper is now feeling the backlash of his ignorance towards the healthcare system. This isn’t a good thing as Canadian Elections are right around the corner, Prime Minster Candidates will have to focus on the issue of health care.

These candidates will have to focus on fixing a large portion of hospitals around Canada, increasing staff in the emergency rooms, upgrading equipment within these rooms, upgrading EMS Vehicles & equipment and focus on a superior mental health care system. Doing so will allow for Canada to once again have one of the more superior health care systems around the globe. Currently France holds the rights to the best health care system in the world.