Cancer is known to be one of the leading cause of death in the U.S. The word cancer represents a group of diseases, which is caused when an normal cells are divided and invade other organs and body tissue. This disease is known to affect more than 1.5 million Americans each year. Scientific studies have shown that 50% of men and over 60% of woman will develop some sort of cancer in their lifetimes.

Cancer symptoms and warning signs

Cancer is a deadly disease, which needs to be treated as soon as possible for any chance of survival. A number of different warning signs can be expected, which need to be checked out as soon as possible by a Health Care professional. One of the first warning signs is dramatic weight-loss. Patients are known to lose or over 10 pounds within a short period of time, which is caused by the cancer cells are taking the healthy cells. This warning sign is mostly related to cancer in the oesophagus, pancreas, stomach and lungs.


Blood loss or fever can also be early warning signs of cancer. A fever is usually presented when a new virus or infection develops within the body, which could be an early warning sign for cancer affecting the immune system or if lymphoma or leukemia is presented (blood cancer). Blood loss is usually involves worth prostate, bladder, colon or rectal cancer. This presents blood in your stool all in your urine. Unexplained fatigue may very well be a sign of cancer. Even though this could relate to many other health problems, cancer is also a possibility. Patients are also known to feel fatigued with leukaemia and blood loss from cancer. Thyroid cancer is known to present a persistent cough, which usually lasts for a long period of time and can also present coughing up blood. This can also relate to lung cancer.

Skin changes are mostly relates to skin cancer. However, skin changes can also show signs of other types of cancer. Lamps and bumps beneath the skin, dark spots, yellow eyes and skin or increased hair growth, should be checked out by doctor as soon as possible. Some cancer types may develop without showing any symptoms. A family history or frequent information are known to increase your risk of cancer. Be sure to make your doctor aware of this so that require testing can take place.

Prevention of Cancer

A chemical called carcinogens has been known to cause cancer. This chemical involves asbestos, nickel, radon, vinyl chloride, benzene and cadmium among others. Cigarettes contain more than 50 of these chemicals, which is why smoking has become one of the leading causes of cancer. To quit smoking will decrease your chances of cancer by almost 50 per cent. Unfortunately, ex-smokers will never be able to reduce their risk to cancer as a non smoker. However, to continue smoking will put you at the highest risk of obtaining in cancer in your lifetime.

Avoid going into the sun when unprotected by a hat, clothing or sunscreen. The UV be in sunlight is harmful to your skin and has been known to cause skin cancer when unprotected. Like the prevention of many other diseases, eating healthy and exercise on a regular basis will decrease your chance of getting cancer. Using a combination of the three listed methods above, patients can decrease their chance of cancer and many other diseases by a massive amount, which will also lead to a much healthier lifestyle.