Back to School Health Care

Getting back to school after a school holiday means a lot more than just getting books, school bags and uniform back in order. Parents also need to ensure kids are healthy and ready for the different challenges presented at school. This includes avoiding germs, flus and colds. These tips will help your child stay health and avoid bringing flus and colds home.


We all know how easy it is forgetting to wash hands before eating or returning to class after break. However, parents can help kids by making it a habit before eating or cooking. Kids learn from our examples, which mean if you expect your child to do something on a regular basis when you as a parent never do it, it may be much harder for the child to learn it.

School Health Care

Since there isn’t always enough time or it’s inconvenient to rush off and wash hands, a small bottle of hand sanitizer will also go a long way. Children can simply keep the small bottle in their pocket and get into the habit of using it before eating and when returning to class. These are also useful coming out of the toilets or on the move and they can simply squirt some into their hands and sanitize hands while walking back to class.


Ensure your child’s shots are up to date and the annually flu vaccine is taken. This will ensure a much healthier child as these vaccines help prevent the flu. Vitamins also play a massive part in keeping children healthy, which will help fight against common colds and flu. In the US, most school will not allow children to attend school unless these vaccines have been taken. So keep your child healthy and make sure all shots are up to date annually.

Eating Right

We all know how much kids enjoy sweets and everything that seems to be unhealthy. Even though their bodies can handle these diets there are still massive risks that come with it.
It’s important to keep an eye on a child’s diet and introduce many healthy foods, which include vegies and fruit. Many parents would only give sweets on certain days, which is a great way to look at it as it will provide healthy lifestyles into their adult lives as well. Childhood obesity is a massive cause diabetes and many other diseases with children.

Stay Ahead

There are many ways to stay ahead and keep your child healthy and strong through all the season of the year. There are many things that will have a massive positive effect on the health and wellbeing of your child. This will also avoid your child bringing home flus and common colds, which will affect the entire family. Taking precautions with your child’s other activities will also assist in staying healthy through the year. This includes sleep overs, play dates and friends visiting at your home.


Allergies need to be kept track off and always take the needed precautions to ensure your child always has the right medications at school with teachers and with sleep overs. Knowing about these allergies could explain a lot of symptoms that could be mistaken for flu or colds. Testing for allergies can be done with a specialist, which will test blood for reactions to certain substances. Once you know about these allergies, the correct medication can be taken to avoid symptoms taking part.