Manitoba Health Care Works Receive Final Offer

Manitoba citizens working in the health care sector have finally received a final offer package from the provinces government. Thousands of health care works have been threatening to strike for the last five weeks if the government weren’t to provide them with a plan this year. These threats came after two years of not receiving any plan of any kind. These union based employee’s put their signs up & walked their cities on Monday January 25th, 2016. Hours later they received an hour, declined that offer and then a day later received another. They yet another declined that offer, it was then that the government gave them a final offer. These employees are said to accept it.


Three thousand employees are represented by the “Members of the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals”, which is a union which represents all health care employees. Those employees include physiotherapists, radiology technologists, MRI Technologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, CT Technologists, respiratory therapists, hospice care works, social works and dozens of other professions which are based in the health care profession.

There are many whom are bashing these health care works, citizens of Canada have seemed to be consistently bashing public service workers for their constant demands of receiving more money in their line of duty. These citizens defence would be that these employees are working a public service career, it is a job which is meant to be a service. Countries all around the globe understand this, it’s why their paid an average wage just like anyone else. Canada is one of the few countries which over-pays their public service workers & it’s causing for major deficits in the yearly budget for provinces.

Uber Drives Forward for 2016

Uber, one of the largest applications on mobile devices today and now one of the fastest growing companies around the world has announced that they are moving forward with big plans in the new year. The ambitious expansions which’ll be coming in the upcoming weeks will include carpooling, food delivery and even health care. If this was to become the case, then Uber would more than likely effect two other industries greatly.


Uber already has dominated over the taxi industry, sending shockwaves throughout this global industry via UberX which allows for users to connect to other users, request a drive from someone nearby for a fee that would be less than traditional cabs. The same would apply with food delivery, anyone would be able to request any kind of food to be delivered to their residence for a smaller fee then a regular delivery service which is roughly $10-$15.

Health care wise, Uber will only be allowing for those whom are registered paramedics via their country to operate in this sector of the company. They’ll also be required to have a variety of different medicine equipment with them in order to ensure the users safety. Users of this application will only be able to request a medical ride for a variety of conditions, anything serious such as a heart attack of seizure would still require an Medical Services Vehicle on location from the local hospital.

None the less these advances will allow Uber to continue to make themselves a branded and recognized name as a valuable service.