Canadian Health Care Needs to Change

The Canadian Health Care System is one that is flawed, unfortunately regardless of what Canadians or anyone else whom lives in a country with free health care thinks, these health care systems cost more than anyone could possibly imagine. A new article written by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, an institute which is rarely wrong has stated that unless changes to the system are made in the upcoming decades then health care will take up 100% of the total available provincial budgets.


Most Canadians believe that it is their right to have free health care, it is far from it. It is a privilege to have free health care but as time passes on, as our population throughout the world increases, free health care will be a system of the past. There are multiple ways in which the Canadian Government could rejuvenate revenue into the system.

One of the best ways would be for the government to create a toll which required Canadian citizens to pay only $1 each time when using the 400 Series. Yes, this could cost $5 a day for a small portion of the population but knowing its going entirely to the health care system should be more than enough of a reason to do so.

The amount of money that would be generated would be more than the health care system needs, Provinces would then be able to use their yearly budgets on other aspects which in return would rejuvenate the country as a whole. Most Canadian Citizens can’t see past their greed though.