Canadian Healthcare Downgrading Throughout Country

Canadian Healthcare is continue to downgrade throughout the country. Often whenever someone speaks of free healthcare Canada is the first country brought to mind, everyone believes their healthcare system works the best such as presidential candidate Donald Trump. Unfortunately this is far from the case, the Canadian Healthcare system is one of the most expect amongst the OECD Countries while at the same time having modest healthcare provided to citizens.

canadian healthcare

This is becoming a major issue throughout Canada as taxes within the country are at an all-time high yet when going to an emergency room it takes eight or more hours to see a doctor or when driving down the street pot holes lie every fifty feet ahead of you. This is an issue that continues to drive Canadian Citizens up the wall, so much so that Prime Minster Stephen Harper is now feeling the backlash of his ignorance towards the healthcare system. This isn’t a good thing as Canadian Elections are right around the corner, Prime Minster Candidates will have to focus on the issue of health care.

These candidates will have to focus on fixing a large portion of hospitals around Canada, increasing staff in the emergency rooms, upgrading equipment within these rooms, upgrading EMS Vehicles & equipment and focus on a superior mental health care system. Doing so will allow for Canada to once again have one of the more superior health care systems around the globe. Currently France holds the rights to the best health care system in the world.

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