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Health Care covers a vast section of the medical field, which includes the diagnoses and treatment of illnesses, diseases, mental and physical impairments as well as injury. Furthermore, the health care system in also responsible for the prevention of new diseases and developing cures. Heath care also includes multiple professionals, which specialize in different parts of the human body. These professionals include allied health, obstetrics, dentistry, optometry, psychology, medicine, pharmacy and many more. These professions refer to health care provided in primary health care, secondary, tertiary and in public health.

Access to Health Care

Access to health care vary in different countries, which have a lot to do with the health politics, economic and social conditions and jurisdictions. All countries have different views and plans related to the health care system to ensure goals are reached for both personal and population based. The systems are organizations, which are in place to provide needed health care to a specific population. In all these countries and jurisdictions well-trained health care professionals are required, which specialize in their respected field. This means multiple health care professionals are required, which usually include more than one specialist per profession. This offers faster health care, which allows patients and studies to take place faster and the health care system to function properly. Health care can be accessed with primary professionals first, which will provide the required information and medicine if possible. These professional are rather limited in serious illness or injury in which case the patient will be referred to a secondary or tertiary professional, which is a specialist. Patients are required to obtain a referral to a secondary or tertiary care giver from a primary professional in most parts of the world. Secondary and tertiary care will be available in or out of hospital in many medical clinics.


Diagnosis provides health care professionals with the required information about symptoms a patient has. These are many ways to perform these tests, which allow doctors the most accurate results. Some may even require test on a regular basis or multiple at a time, which will provide a better understanding or confirm results. Diagnosis is very important in health care as it saves time, money and most importantly lives.

The Future

The medical and health care field is growing at a rapid pace, which will provide the most amazing technology and software to ensure better health care will be available to all members of the public. Smart phones are heading in that direction already with all the amazing apps available these days. Users can measure their heart rates, read up about different symptoms and find out about medications. Robotic arms and assistance are already being part of the health care world, which allow surgeons to perform perfect operations and diagnose diseases or illnesses within seconds. These systems are already being developed and will be part of our lives for safer, faster and more accurate health care solutions.

Prevention of Diseases

The health care system required constant research to be carried out to help find new cures and prevent new diseases and viruses. However, the best type of prevention for some of the most deadly diseases can be prevented by each individual person by leading a healthy life style and flowing healthy habits.